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Our executive leadership and management teams bring decades of insight and vital expertise gained from many years in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.


Dr. Kumar Sripathirathan, PhD.

Dr. Kumar serves as Chief Executive Officer. As a founding partner of Drik LLC, Dr. Kumar has 25 years of industry experience and has extensive experience as a nonclinical pharmaceutical scientist and executive and has led key aspects of drug discovery and drug development leading in several cases moving to next phase. In the past personally managed numerous diseases based preclinical drug safety evaluation screening essentially, CNS clinical research studies involving biomarkers of imaging in stroke patients, UIC, Chicago. Earlier head and lead studies on small molecule inhibitors for Alzheimer’s disease, a collaboration effect with Astellas Pharma, Japan. Prior to that, fortunate to work for pioneer in novel approaches to ethanol neurotoxicity drugs on addiction, a neurotoxicological studies. At present undertaking various projects on drug efficacy and safety evaluation for therapeutics in pharmaceutical as well safety screening for Cosmetic and Chemical industries.

Dr. Sripath is a toxicologist with a Doctorate in Pharmacology Toxicology focus on neurotoxicological studies. Holds a double MS in Zoology as well in Clinical Research from Rush University Medical Center, Chicago.

Ms. VanMathy Vasudevan

Ms. Vasudevan is a Chief Operating Officer and a founding partner at Drik LLC. She has compiled a broad-based professional background that includes extensive experience in hands-on that supports the needs of the business. She began her carrier in the field of information technology for engineering industry, as ERP system manager, changeover to logistics, freight forwarding and shipping industries, as software engineer and now grown to oversee ongoing business operations within the company in biotechnology industry. Functioning as a member of the senior management team, she is responsible for establishing systems that provide operative internal management. She is direct responsibility for managing and providing strategic leadership and managing Operations, Customer Service, Accounting, IT, and HR and participates in the general management of the company in close support of the CEO.

Ms. Vasudevan hold bachelor degree in business & accountancy and graduate from University of Chicago and earned Master Program in Computer Science.

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