Cardiac toxicity

Cardiotoxicity is becoming one of the most important complications of drug development and their treatments. Cardiac toxicity represents a new development or a worsening of arrhythmias in patients with or without clinical symptoms. The following markers recommended by Predictive Safety Testing Consortium can be assayed in addition to traditional toxicity markers:

Natriuretic Peptides (NPs), LDH, CK isozymes, AST, SGOT, myoglobin, myosin, cardiolipin, Troponins (TIC)


Mechanistic toxicology

To understand mechanism of action, the following assay end points are offered by Drik:

Cell viability

  • MTT
  • Neutral red
  • LDH

Cell death

  • Propidium iodide
  • Fluorojade B

CYP inhibition; DDI

Mitochondrail toxicity

Phospholipidosis; Steatosis

Apoptosis (Casp3/7/8/9), BrDU



GSH; Oxygen radical absorbance

Screening panel

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