Outsourced | Drug Safety Testing Service Provider | Nonclinical | Efficacy – Who We Are:

Born in 2012 from the idea of creating a platform that foster new paradigms of testing including organotypic slice culture for our pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic and chemical community.

What we do:

A pre clinical toxicology services laboratory for drug safety evaluation. Yes, we do preclinical screening tests for cosmetic industry. We also do non clinical toxicology testing for chemical manufacturing.

Why we do:

We understand the risk involved and the time constraints of live science company in developing the product. Cognizant of the fact , we would like to ease the pain involved by providing service that you would cherish. Customer satisfaction and integrated quality of studies are the driving force for us while we keep the prices affordable. Simply, to fill gap between east coast and west coast toxicology CRO with mid west price.


Dedicated to setting a new standard of service for our clients by tailoring the studies as per customer needs to obtain meaningful data aiding to make informed decision making.


A dream to make best safety testing possible from mid west and southwest region.


We are committed to cultivating long-term, mutually rewarding relationships through teamwork; a unique understanding of our client’s needs and advance their innovation to clinical trials.

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