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In addition to toxicity studies in different cell lines such as immortalized cell lines or primary cultures, Drik can also study the toxicity of test compounds in brain slice cultures. The slices survive for more than a month and provide a window of opportunity to study mechanism of action. The following markers can be ascertained in these studies:


Mechanistic toxicology

To understand mechanism of action, the following assay end points are offered by Drik:

Cell viability

  • MTT
  • Neutral red
  • LDH

Cell death

  • Propidium iodide
  • Fluorojade B

CYP inhibition; DDI

Mitochondrail toxicity

Phospholipidosis; Steatosis

Apoptosis (Casp3/7/8/9), BrDU



GSH; Oxygen radical absorbance

Screening panel

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